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Your love embraced me!

This is a really nice hymn called “Your love embraced me” or سبانى حُبك. This hymn is usually said during the Kiahk Praises. Below is an English translation of the hymn followed by a pdf file of this hymn in English and Arabic.

R: Your love embraced me .. O’ pride of nations
Moses have seen you .. Surprise and marvel
And the lamps are bright .. With golden crosses
My praise of the Virgin .. Added joy to me
He who praises her always .. His heart will be delighted
O’ Mary, Moses’ dome .. O’ Aaron’s censer

1. I praise the Virgin .. And explain and say
O’ the Origin .. And the hidden Pearl
Through your Son, our Lady .. Cause of salvation
We reached the goal .. And you brought us joy

2. Was truly Incarnate .. From a Virgin girl
Crucified and died .. For us at Golgotha
The fruit of my pledge .. O’ daughter of Zion
My enemies will say .. That in your love, I adore

R: Your love embraced me …

3. Gabriel came .. With tidings and sayings
You accepted his word .. In calmness and wisdom
You bore Him .. God the Almighty
You became like heaven .. O’ daughter of Zion

4. He saved Adam .. After his sorrow
And has freed the world .. From the deceiver hand
Always glorified .. The Only-Begotten Son
Incarnate to save his people .. From Satan’s bondage

R: Your love embraced me …

5. Concerning you, David said .. The King rejoiced in you
And took flesh from you .. The Lord on His Throne
Myriads and thousands .. Standing around the Throne
Ranks and orders .. Saints and martyrs

6. Sorrow was taken away .. And we are comforted
Through you O’ Mary .. And you brought us joy
Salome witnessed .. That the Virgin gave birth
She believed and confirmed .. The mystery of mysteries

R: Your love embraced me …

7. Moses the prophet .. Said in Genesis
That Jacob saw you .. An upright ladder
The chiefs had proclaimed .. For our souls, you intercede
You are a Virgin and a bride .. As they prophesied

8. Hosea proclaimed and said .. That Jesus will appear
As rain and dew .. Marveled at Him are we
Adam and Eve went astray .. In tears he cried
Naked he was exiled .. With your Son, he was restored

R: Your love embraced me …

9. Your light has shown .. And in darkness has shone
And your branch has given leaf .. So Christians reap the fruits
Blessed are you O’ Heaven .. Scientists were baffled
Philosophers with Elders .. They speak describing you

10. God was born from you .. The Almighty in heaven
And your milk He drank .. As the creatures do
Your beauty is unique .. for your son is Jesus
your womb carried Him .. He saved the human race

R: Your love embraced me …

11. Many praised you .. The cause of all joy
Prosperous and wise .. He who praises you
We gain forgiveness .. And that is what we seek
Jesus and His mother .. Are my goal and hope

12. Existent before the ages .. Suffered and crucified
He rose as asleep .. This the disciples preached
The righteous Apostles .. And the four Evangelists
Preached in all nations .. The tidings and rejoice

R: Your love embraced me …

13. Glory is due to you .. O’ daughter of Joachim
You bore a great mystery .. And gave birth to Him
Moses and Daniel .. Said many parables
And you fit them all .. Mysteriously and more

14. You enlightened the world .. O’ pride of generations
All creatures are free .. Because of you, O’ Mary
Gifts were offered in faith .. To the King of kings
Carried by the Magi .. Gold, myrrh and frankincense

R: Your love embraced me …

15. They worshipped the newborn .. The Lord of lords
And Herod was terrified .. And his soldiers marveled
Do not forsake at any time .. The poor and humble sinners
Your plead is now & forever on Judgment Day .. For me and all Christians

16. O’ Lady of virgins .. O’ you of honor and pride
Grant us help and victory .. On who wish evil to us
From you we seek forgiveness .. With strength and faith
Peace to your people .. Till the day of judgment

R: Your love embraced me …

17. Till these days return .. O’ pride of nations
In your love we meditate .. Day and night we praise
O’ Mother the virgin .. We are your children
Intercede for us .. Intercede always

18. Mother of the Holy you became .. The cherubim carry you
You are the pride of our race .. And also our mother
O’ Mother the virgin .. We are your children
Intercede for us .. Intercede always

R: Your love embraced me …

Click here to download a pdf of this hymn in English and Arabic.

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