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Prostrations & Readings for the Holy Great Lent 2016


Saint Mina’s Coptic Orthodox Church invites you to join us in prayers accompanied by metanias (prostrations) as part of our personal prayer at home on the morning of every day of the Holy Great Lent for the year 2016:

    • O my Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who fasted for my sake, keep the peace of the one holy catholic and apostolic church.
    • O my Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who fasted for my sake, keep the life of our father the Patriarch His Holiness Pope Tawadros the 2nd, his partner in the apostolic liturgy His Grace Bishop Mina, our fathers the Metropolitans, the Bishops, the Priests, the Monks, and our brethren the Deacons. Support them all in their service.
    • O my Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who fasted for my sake, remember and heal the sick of Your people, save those who are troubled and those who are in hardships. Those who are sadden and in sufferings, grant them peace and fill their hearts with joy and gladness. The widows and orphans support them.
    • O my Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who fasted for my sake, remember the stray and the unbelievers, bring them back, and reveal Your love to all people.
    • O my Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who fasted for my sake, give me to forgive those who trespass against me. Grant me a Holy and acceptable fast before you. Support me in my struggle for salvation, and have mercy on me, your sinful servant.

Additional prayers and kneeling may be added as per the needs of each individual, only with the prior arrangement with the father of confession.

“It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’.” (Matthew 4:4)

“Man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” (Deuteronomy 8:3)

Appropriate readings from the Holy Bible during Great Lent:

    1. Exodus (40 Chapters) – English QuestionsArabic Questions
    2. Lamentations (5 Chapters) – English QuestionsArabic Questions
    3. Habakkuk (3 Chapters) – English QuestionsArabic Questions
    4. Jeremiah (52 Chapters) – English QuestionsArabic Questions
    5. Luke (24 Chapters) – English QuestionsArabic Questions
    6. Colossians (4 Chapters) – English QuestionsArabic Questions
    7. Titus (3 Chapter) – English QuestionsArabic Questions
    8. Hebrews (13 Chapters) – English QuestionsArabic Questions

Please Note: Three chapters are to be read each day from Monday, March 7th, up to and including Lazarus’ Saturday on April 23th.

Click here to see a printer-friendly version of these prayers and readings in English.

Click here to see a printer-friendly version of these prayers and readings in Arabic.

DayChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3
Monday, March 07, 2016Exodus 1Exodus 2Exodus 3
Tuesday, March 08, 2016Exodus 4Exodus 5Exodus 6
Wednesday, March 09, 2016Exodus 7Exodus 8Exodus 9
Thursday, March 10, 2016Exodus 10Exodus 11Exodus 12
Friday, March 11, 2016Exodus 13Exodus 14Exodus 15
Saturday, March 12, 2016Exodus 16Exodus 17Exodus 18
Sunday, March 13, 2016Exodus 19Exodus 20Exodus 21
Monday, March 14, 2016Exodus 22Exodus 23Exodus 24
Tuesday, March 15, 2016Exodus 25Exodus 26Exodus 27
Wednesday, March 16, 2016Exodus 28Exodus 29Exodus 30
Thursday, March 17, 2016Exodus 31Exodus 32Exodus 33
Friday, March 18, 2016Exodus 34Exodus 35Exodus 36
Saturday, March 19, 2016Exodus 37Exodus 38Exodus 39
Sunday, March 20, 2016Exodus 40Lamentations 1Lamentations 2
Monday, March 21, 2016Lamentations 3Lamentations 4Lamentations 5
Tuesday, March 22, 2016Habakkuk 1Habakkuk 2Habakkuk 3
Wednesday, March 23, 2016Jeremiah 1Jeremiah 2Jeremiah 3
Thursday, March 24, 2016Jeremiah 4Jeremiah 5Jeremiah 6
Friday, March 25, 2016Jeremiah 7Jeremiah 8Jeremiah 9
Saturday, March 26, 2016Jeremiah 10Jeremiah 11Jeremiah 12
Sunday, March 27, 2016Jeremiah 13Jeremiah 14Jeremiah 15
Monday, March 28, 2016Jeremiah 16Jeremiah 17Jeremiah 18
Tuesday, March 29, 2016Jeremiah 19Jeremiah 20Jeremiah 21
Wednesday, March 30, 2016Jeremiah 22Jeremiah 23Jeremiah 24
Thursday, March 31, 2016Jeremiah 25Jeremiah 26Jeremiah 27
Friday, April 01, 2016Jeremiah 28Jeremiah 29Jeremiah 30
Saturday, April 02, 2016Jeremiah 31Jeremiah 32Jeremiah 33
Sunday, April 03, 2016Jeremiah 34Jeremiah 35Jeremiah 36
Monday, April 04, 2016Jeremiah 37Jeremiah 38Jeremiah 39
Tuesday, April 05, 2016Jeremiah 40Jeremiah 41Jeremiah 42
Wednesday, April 06, 2016Jeremiah 43Jeremiah 44Jeremiah 45
Thursday, April 07, 2016Jeremiah 46Jeremiah 47Jeremiah 48
Friday, April 08, 2016Jeremiah 49Jeremiah 50Jeremiah 51
Saturday, April 09, 2016Jeremiah 52Luke 1Luke 2
Sunday, April 10, 2016Luke 3Luke 4Luke 5
Monday, April 11, 2016Luke 6Luke 7Luke 8
Tuesday, April 12, 2016Luke 9Luke 10Luke 11
Wednesday, April 13, 2016Luke 12Luke 13Luke 14
Thursday, April 14, 2016Luke 15Luke 16Luke 17
Friday, April 15, 2016Luke 18Luke 19Luke 20
Saturday, April 16, 2016Luke 21Luke 22Luke 23
Sunday, April 17, 2016Luke 24Colossians 1Colossians 2
Monday, April 18, 2016Colossians 3Colossians 4Titus 1
Tuesday, April 19, 2016Titus 2Titus 3Hebrews 1
Wednesday, April 20, 2016Hebrews 2Hebrews 3Hebrews 4
Thursday, April 21, 2016Hebrews 5Hebrews 6Hebrews 7
Friday, April 22, 2016Hebrews 8Hebrews 9Hebrews 10
Saturday, April 23, 2016Hebrews 11Hebrews 12Hebrews 13

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