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Good Friday Burial Ceremony 2011

Video of The Burial Ceremony from Good Friday [Golghotha]

The “Golgotha” Hymn

Golgotha is an ancient coptic hymn that dates back to pharonic times. The melody is said to have been the same melody used when pharohs were being buried. At the foot of the cross when Joseph and Nicodemus went to get the body of Christ for burial, they saw and heard angels singing, . . . → Read More: The “Golgotha” Hymn

The Journey from Jerusalem to Golgotha

The Week of Fragrance

The events of the Pascha Week are charged with the emotions of the ultimate love of God to us. It is also filled with the Lord’s broken heart and sad soul, sad to death. These infinite feelings of love of our Lord toward man are beyond . . . → Read More: The Journey from Jerusalem to Golgotha

Thine is the Power!

The Holy Pascha is a week filled with Holy memories of the most crucial stage of salvation and redemption in Christian history. Everyone benefits from the sharing of the Lord Jesus Christ’s suffering during this time. Orthodox Church icons, pillars, and lecterns are covered in black to create a sober atmosphere conducive to . . . → Read More: Thine is the Power!