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Church Bishops Books

This page contains few books written by the Metropolitans and Bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church in both English and Arabic:

  • Anba Mattheos (Bishop and Abbot of Virgin Mary, the Syrian, Monastery)
  • Anba Youannes (Late Bishop of Gharbia)

If any of the links not working or if you have more books to add to this collection, please email us at:

Bishop Mattheos (40)
Bishop Christodolos - Arabic3.0 MiB258
Deacons And Deaconesses10.9 MiB494
Deacons And Deaconesses - Arabic9.0 MiB176
Fathers And Worship V1 - Arabic703.9 KiB399
Fathers And Worship V2 - Arabic1.0 MiB689
Forty Martyrs - Arabic356.0 KiB673
Great Lent Trip To God - Arabic326.4 KiB4242
Holy Sacraments - 0 - Introduction71.8 KiB294
Holy Sacraments - 1 - Baptism133.0 KiB459
Holy Sacraments - 2 - Confirmation87.7 KiB358
Holy Sacraments - 3 - Repentance & Confession163.8 KiB370
Holy Sacraments - 4 - Eucharist121.4 KiB343
Holy Sacraments - 5 - Unction Of The Sick172.5 KiB490
Holy Sacraments - 6 - Holy Matrimony170.7 KiB555
Holy Sacraments - 7 - Priesthood417.1 KiB395
Holy Synod Decisions For Church Rites Till 2010 - Arabic14.4 MiB159
How To Benifit From Holy Liturgy1.3 MiB274
How To Benifit From Holy Liturgy - Arabic38.6 MiB401
Letter Of St Philoxinos - Arabic357.3 KiB515
Names Of The Seventy - Arabic553.9 KiB713
Necessity Of Incarnation - Arabic7.7 MiB176
Necessity Of Incarnation - Arabic - 2nd Ed268.1 KiB4827
Perfect Worship1.0 MiB237
Perfect Worship - Arabic12.7 MiB178
Raising Lazarus & Resurrection - Arabic268.0 KiB680
Remember Your Creator - Arabic1.1 MiB182
Reverence Inside Church - Arabic3.4 MiB302
Rites Of Holy Matrimony - Arabic452.6 KiB1283
Ritual Questions & Answers - Arabic532.0 KiB2757
Sacramental Rites In Coptic Orthodox Church1.2 MiB5612
Saint Cornelius The Centurion - Arabic211.9 KiB473
Saint Pissada The Priest - Arabic207.0 KiB325
Spirituality Of Church Readings - Arabic32.3 MiB409
Spirituality Of Holy Liturgy1.7 MiB289
Spirituality Of Last Friday Of Great Lent - Arabic19.5 MiB403
Spirituality Of Praise1.0 MiB654
Sublimity Of Monastisism731.7 KiB301
Sublimity Of Monastisism - Full95.6 MiB393
Three Saints Makarios - Arabic1.0 MiB2158
Wisdom & Discernment In Spiritual Struggle - Arabic33.7 MiB402
Bishop Youannes (26)
Christian Belief In Christ - Arabic62.7 MiB310
Christian Monasticism Notes - Arabic14.0 MiB169
Christianity And Cross - Arabic39.7 MiB361
Christianity And Pain - Arabic23.7 MiB437
Church Councils - Arabic22.7 MiB368
Church Councils Notes - Arabic5.4 MiB190
Church History Notes - Arabic21.7 MiB279
Church In Apostolic Era - Arabic76.2 MiB344
Feast Of Nativity - Arabic6.8 MiB188
Feast Of Pentecost - Arabic8.4 MiB191
Heaven - Arabic26.6 MiB402
Lessons For New Year - Arabic6.1 MiB194
Martyrdom In Christianity - Arabic57.4 MiB443
Our Christ Above Time - Arabic67.5 MiB362
Our Holy Bible - Arabic65.9 MiB325
Our Holy Faith - Arabic52.0 MiB345
Paradise Of Spirit - Service21.2 MiB467
Paradise Of Spirit V1 - Arabic20.7 MiB456
Paradise Of Spirit V2 - Arabic21.2 MiB405
Paradise Of Spirit V3 - Arabic16.3 MiB183
Road Signs To God - Arabic52.7 MiB368
Saint Mary - Arabic2.6 MiB226
Saint Paul The Apostle - Arabic14.9 MiB155
Song Of Songs - Arabic43.7 MiB348
Stories Of Saints - Arabic44.2 MiB432
Worship In Our Church - Arabic37.5 MiB350