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Church Fathers Books

This page contains few books written by the Hegomens and Priests of the Coptic Orthodox Church in both English and Arabic:

  • Fr. Bishoy Kamel (Late Hegomen of St. George Church, Sporting, Alexandria, Egypt)
  • Fr. Tadros Yacoub Malaty (Hegomen of St. George Church, Sporting, Alexandria, Egypt)

If any of the links not working or if you have more books to add to this collection, please email us at:

Fr Bishoy Kamel (47)
Baramhat 29th - Arabic32.4 KiB210
Care In Church - Arabic64.5 KiB217
Christianity Is Spirit Of Martyrdom - Arabic1.2 MiB209
Divine Incarnation - Arabic26.0 KiB186
Earth Became Heaven - Arabic29.6 KiB195
Everlasting Friend - Arabic4.8 MiB194
Exert Oneself - Arabic566.7 KiB187
Faith Of Coptic Church - Arabic764.8 KiB226
Fake Gospel Of Barnabas - Arabic129.9 KiB217
Gifts Of Nativity - Arabic83.6 KiB205
Gospel Of Second Mile - Arabic1.4 MiB381
Great Lent - Arabic47.7 KiB188
Great Lent With Asheia - Arabic251.7 KiB233
Great Lent With Asheia - Text - Arabic251.7 KiB189
Holy Bible - Arabic101.4 KiB206
Holy Pascha - Arabic145.1 KiB207
How To Live Resurrection - Arabic395.5 KiB256
Incarnation 1 - Arabic26.0 KiB165
Incarnation 2 - Arabic15.7 KiB151
Jerusalem To Golgotha - Arabic147.5 KiB231
Jesus Prayer - Arabic195.6 KiB219
Kiahk Praises - Arabic265.1 KiB214
Nature Of Christ - Arabic91.1 KiB302
Need For Saviour - Arabic50.4 KiB201
Personal Notes After Ordination - Arabic77.4 KiB156
Principles In Service - Arabic2.0 MiB169
Raod To Bethlehem - Arabic39.4 KiB219
Reign Thousand Years - Arabic4.4 MiB186
Russian Tourist - Arabic513.9 KiB400
Sacrifice Of Our Faith - Arabic4.5 MiB163
Saint Mark - Arabic3.3 MiB216
Second Birth In Baptism - Arabic154.3 KiB175
Under The Cross - Arabic471.2 KiB280
Various Articles V01 - Arabic3.7 MiB390
Various Articles V11 - Arabic349.2 KiB234
Various Articles V12 - Arabic400.7 KiB266
Various Articles V13 - Arabic381.3 KiB269
Various Articles V14 - Arabic595.0 KiB188
Various Articles V15 - Arabic704.9 KiB454
Various Articles V16 - Arabic445.4 KiB278
Various Articles V17 - Arabic218.2 KiB430
Various Quotes V01 - Arabic197.9 KiB164
Various Quotes V02 - Arabic258.2 KiB276
Various Quotes V03 - Arabic192.9 KiB264
Various Stories V01 - Arabic38.8 KiB215
Various Stories V02 - Arabic63.5 KiB147
With Christ In His Resurrection - Arabic25.3 KiB173
Fr Tadros Yacoub Malaty (55)
Addict Church And Family37.6 KiB332
Anba Abram646.3 KiB179
Apostolic Fathers723.0 KiB839
Christ Desire Of Nations - Arabic1.0 MiB177
Christ In Eucharist1.4 MiB302
Christ In Eucharist - Arabic1.2 MiB248
Church House Of God2.4 MiB1061
Coptic Calendar & Church Of Alexandira1.1 MiB205
Coptic Orthodox Church1.7 MiB193
Coptic Orthodox Church - Arabic23.4 MiB312
Dictionary Of Church Terms1.7 MiB349
Dictionary Of Church Terms - Arabic6.9 MiB169
Divine Grace291.6 KiB491
Divine Justice40.1 KiB208
Dogmas & Church Life44.6 KiB260
Egypt & Hisrory Of Our Salvation782.7 KiB201
Faith And Self Defence - Arabic19.5 MiB380
Father Pishoy Kamel84.0 KiB345
Father Pishoy Kamel - Arabic15.8 MiB208
Fathers Day34.4 KiB256
Feast Of Nativity - Arabic943.6 KiB199
Feast Of Nayrouz - Arabic7.9 MiB143
Fiery Spirit739.2 KiB252
Friendship - Arabic183.3 KiB283
Friendship Scan - Arabic4.2 MiB755
Gift Of Holy Spirit518.4 KiB711
Gift Of Holy Spirit - Arabic2.2 MiB124
GOD438.0 KiB269
Holy Resurrection81.3 KiB268
Holy Sacrament Of Confirmation - Arabic5.6 MiB374
Introduction To Patrology - Arabic8.2 MiB242
Introduction To Patrology Simplified - Arabic713.1 KiB1732
Joyful Moments With Book Of Joshua - Arabic8.3 MiB365
Let Me Grow620.5 KiB312
Life Of Father Pishoy Kamel - Arabic15.8 MiB141
Philocalia V1 - Arabic13.4 MiB162
Physis And Hypostasis - Arabic1.7 MiB115
Preaching In Post Apostolic Era166.2 KiB138
Priest & Fiery Heart - Arabic1.6 MiB141
Resurrection In Our Life - Arabic2.9 MiB152
Saint Mary In Orthodox Concept1.2 MiB273
School Of Alexandria - Part 11.5 MiB770
School Of Alexandria - Part 22.4 MiB1182
Sharing In Angelic Worship476.6 KiB204
Short Stories 001 To 01572.2 KiB426
Short Stories 029 To 03138.7 KiB268
Short Stories 094 To 09920.6 KiB145
Short Stories V1 - 001 To 214 - Arabic31.0 MiB457
Short Stories V2 - 215 To 438 - Arabic40.6 MiB1310
Short Stories V3 - 439 To 602 - Arabic32.1 MiB385
Soliman And Two Women - Arabic5.6 MiB276
Tradition And Orthodoxy408.5 KiB180
Tradition And Orthodoxy - Arabic5.9 MiB210
Unity Of Church & Church Sacraments263.5 KiB398
You Are My Delightful Garden746.5 KiB165