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Pope Shenouda III Books

This page contains most of the published books of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III in both English and Arabic.

If any of the links not working or if you have more books to add to this collection, please email us at:

English Books of Pope Shenouda III

Angels51.7 KiB2547
Calmness1.0 MiB3017
Comparative Theology1.5 MiB1224
Diabolic Wars1.0 MiB1706
Discipleship1.0 MiB883
Divinity Of Christ1.2 MiB964
Experiences In Life V1618.4 KiB943
Feast Of Annunciation68.8 KiB685
Feast Of Ascension96.0 KiB1351
Feast Of Cross58.9 KiB935
Feast Of Epiphany58.6 KiB814
Feast Of Nativity Q&A76.2 KiB794
Feast Of Resurrection V11.1 MiB670
Feast Of Transfiguration65.9 KiB783
Heresy Of Jehovah Witnesses876.1 KiB1411
Holy Zeal822.6 KiB628
Homosexuality & Ordination Of Women495.2 KiB1003
How To Relate To Children639.9 KiB1264
Jonah The Prophet823.6 KiB687
Life Of Faith1.0 MiB1226
Life Of Repentance & Purity1.6 MiB1650
Life Of Thanksgiving702.3 KiB1206
Man Deification V1751.9 KiB1557
Man Deification V2597.8 KiB1687
Nature Of Christ713.2 KiB921
Priesthood1.3 MiB712
Psalm 003702.2 KiB715
Psalm 006173.7 KiB796
Psalm 020312.2 KiB735
Questions V01 - Biblical672.5 KiB1016
Questions V02 - Theological & Dogmatic621.7 KiB899
Questions V03 - Spiritual & General696.5 KiB820
Questions V04 - Dogma & Ritual1.0 MiB1024
Quizzes On Holy Bible1.0 MiB1017
Release Of The Spirit1.4 MiB934
Return To God1.1 MiB1257
Saint Mark854.2 KiB697
Saint Mary48.0 KiB961
Saints Peter & Paul47.4 KiB677
Sermon On The Mount1.1 MiB754
Seven Words Of Lord On Cross623.4 KiB911
Spiritual Man853.4 KiB1345
Spiritual Means1.1 MiB1166
Spiritual Ministry V1539.6 KiB795
Spirituality Of Fasting1.1 MiB1398
Tears In Spiritual Life578.3 KiB749
Ten Commandments V1 - First To Fourth965.3 KiB1045
Ten Commandments V2 - Fifth892.9 KiB1159
Ten Commandments V3 - Sixth965.6 KiB1297
Ten Commandments V4 - Seventh To Tenth1.2 MiB1008
Ten Concepts907.3 KiB1845
Thine Is The Power708.6 KiB984
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V1552.4 KiB908
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V21.0 MiB633
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V3916.6 KiB777
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V41.1 MiB831

Arabic Books of Pope Shenouda III

Adam & Eve And Cain & Abel - Arabic1.4 MiB611
Anachorites Hermits Fathers - Arabic8.5 MiB593
Angels - Arabic1.8 MiB413
Anger - Arabic3.3 MiB677
Being With God - Arabic2.0 MiB422
Calmness - Arabic4.2 MiB490
Christ Is Risen - Arabic235.2 KiB591
Christian Creed - Arabic3.0 MiB347
Comparative Theology V1 - Arabic4.5 MiB370
Comparative Theology V2 Sacrament Of Eucharist - Arabic8.0 MiB313
Comparative Theology V3 How Were People Saved - Arabic9.1 MiB359
David The Prophet - Arabic1.2 MiB299
Devils Meeting - Arabic8.2 MiB751
Diabolic Wars - Arabic3.3 MiB349
Discipleship - Arabic1.4 MiB319
Divinity Of Christ - Arabic2.7 MiB293
Experiences In Life V1 - Arabic2.7 MiB326
Experiences In Life V2 - Arabic2.4 MiB245
Fake Gospel Of Barnabas - Arabic4.5 MiB266
Famous Words Of Literature & Wisdom - Arabic2.2 MiB304
Father Mikhail Ibrahim - Arabic4.5 MiB283
Fear Of God - Arabic3.3 MiB365
Feast Of Annunciation - Arabic4.2 MiB255
Feast Of Ascension - Arabic1.9 MiB252
Feast Of Cross - Arabic4.2 MiB637
Feast Of Nativity Q&A - Arabic3.5 MiB286
Feast Of Nativity V1- Arabic8.9 MiB235
Feast Of Nativity V2 - Arabic1.6 MiB281
Feast Of Resurrection V1 - Arabic7.6 MiB1939
Feast Of Resurrection V2 - Arabic21.8 MiB523
Feast Of Theophany - Arabic1.4 MiB188
Feast Of Transfiguration - Arabic5.0 MiB569
Feasts Of Nativity & Theophany - Arabic8.8 MiB164
For You Son - Arabic1.2 MiB342
Four Gospels - Arabic1.3 MiB440
Fruits Of Spirit - Arabic2.6 MiB392
God & Nothing Else - Arabic2.3 MiB316
God And Man - Arabic17.4 MiB6557
Good Friday - Arabic5.6 MiB1545
Good Thursday - Arabic6.3 MiB290
Grace - Arabic2.7 MiB288
Heresy Of Jehovah Witnesses - Arabic8.3 MiB982
Heresy Of Salvation In Moment - Arabic3.2 MiB1084
Heresy Of Seventh Day Adventists - Arabic1.0 MiB332
Holy Pascha Week - Arabic3.4 MiB305
Holy Spirit - Arabic3.0 MiB479
Holy Trinity - Arabic412.2 KiB334
Holy Zeal - Arabic2.8 MiB269
How To Relate To Children - Arabic1.7 MiB294
How To Start A New Year - Arabic2.6 MiB323
Image Of God - Arabic12.5 MiB269
Inner Peace - Arabic123.0 KiB278
Jacob & Joseph - Arabic2.8 MiB308
Job The Righteous - Arabic3.1 MiB298
Jonah The Prophet - Arabic6.5 MiB262
Judging Others - Arabic2.6 MiB299
Kindness Of God - Arabic351.6 KiB256
Life Of Consecration - Arabic867.6 KiB314
Life Of Faith - Arabic3.0 MiB316
Life Of Hope - Arabic4.6 MiB345
Life Of Humility & Meekness - Arabic4.9 MiB529
Life Of Repentance & Purity - Arabic8.4 MiB331
Life Of Righteousness - Arabic6.1 MiB252
Life Of Thanksgiving - Arabic800.1 KiB270
Love - Arabic7.8 MiB258
Love Of Praise & Dignity - Arabic1.0 MiB257
Monogamy - Arabic2.5 MiB432
Moses & Pharaoh - Arabic3.7 MiB307
Nature Of Christ - Arabic8.1 MiB247
New Heresies - Arabic1.9 MiB329
Our Father - Arabic3.7 MiB349
Parables Of Our Lord - Arabic4.2 MiB327
Passion Of Christ - Arabic4.7 MiB293
Priesthood - Arabic29.2 MiB405
Psalm 003 - Arabic10.4 MiB251
Psalm 006 - Arabic12.0 MiB211
Psalm 020 - Arabic18.2 MiB555
Psalm 050 & Prayer Of Thanksgiving - Arabic21.2 MiB1351
Psalms Of Compline Prayer - Arabic6.8 MiB856
Psalms Of Morning Prayer - Arabic18.2 MiB462
Psalms Of Vespers Prayer - Arabic874.7 KiB815
Purgatory - Arabic2.8 MiB341
Questions S1 - Theological & Dogmatic A - Arabic3.6 MiB345
Questions S2 - Theological & Dogmatic B - Arabic4.0 MiB292
Questions S3 - Biblical - Arabic4.0 MiB303
Questions S4 - Spiritual - Arabic4.1 MiB271
Questions V01 - Biblical - Arabic1.8 MiB289
Questions V02 - Theological & Dogmatic - Arabic2.3 MiB298
Questions V03 - Spiritual & General - Arabic2.4 MiB272
Questions V04 - Dogma & Ritual - Arabic2.4 MiB287
Questions V05 - Spiritual & Biblical - Arabic10.8 MiB339
Questions V06 - Various - Arabic2.5 MiB270
Questions V07 - Various - Arabic2.2 MiB264
Questions V08 - Various - Arabic2.3 MiB262
Questions V09 - Various - Arabic3.0 MiB280
Questions V10 - Various - Arabic3.1 MiB316
Quizzes V1 - Holy Bible - Arabic2.5 MiB263
Quizzes V2 - Holy Bible - Arabic1.0 MiB9913
Quizzes V3 - Church History - Arabic2.0 MiB450
Quizzes V4 - Dogma & Theology - Arabic2.9 MiB286
Quran And Christianity - Arabic6.4 MiB1306
Release Of The Spirit - Arabic4.5 MiB349
Return To God - Arabic2.0 MiB313
Saint Anthony - Arabic1.6 MiB242
Saint Mark - Arabic4.9 MiB227
Saint Mary - Arabic497.6 KiB284
Saints Peter & Paul - Arabic866.3 KiB280
Salvation In Orthodox Concept - Arabic17.2 MiB325
Sermon On The Mount - Arabic3.8 MiB317
Seven Words Of Lord On Cross - Arabic9.7 MiB249
Song Of Songs - Arabic4.3 MiB274
Spirits - Arabic602.5 KiB358
Spiritual Articles 1966 - Arabic7.5 MiB270
Spiritual Articles 1971-1972 - Arabic16.0 MiB233
Spiritual Curriculum In Romans 12 - Arabic6.4 MiB357
Spiritual Happy Family - Arabic2.0 MiB258
Spiritual Man - Arabic4.8 MiB299
Spiritual Means - Arabic3.9 MiB285
Spiritual Ministry V1 - Arabic2.8 MiB296
Spiritual Ministry V2 - Arabic2.9 MiB276
Spiritual Ministry V3 - Arabic3.2 MiB248
Spiritual Wake - Arabic2.0 MiB286
Spiritual Warfare - Arabic5.7 MiB368
Spiritual Watching - Arabic1.9 MiB261
Spiritual Way - Arabic2.8 MiB3440
Spirituality Of Fasting - Arabic13.6 MiB281
Spirituality Of Praying With Agpia - Arabic21.5 MiB511
Struggle & Grace - Arabic764.1 KiB283
Tears In Spiritual Life - Arabic2.1 MiB255
Temptation On The Mount - Arabic2.1 MiB267
Ten Commandments V1 - First To Fourth - Arabic2.3 MiB292
Ten Commandments V2 - Fifth - Arabic2.0 MiB300
Ten Commandments V3 - Sixth - Arabic2.1 MiB305
Ten Commandments V4 - Seventh To Tenth - Arabic2.8 MiB282
Ten Concepts - Arabic2.4 MiB276
Thine Is The Power - Arabic5.5 MiB294
Verses For Memorization - Arabic2.8 MiB326
What Is Man - Arabic3.9 MiB324
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V1 - Arabic2.3 MiB301
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V2 - Arabic2.0 MiB235
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V3 - Arabic2.3 MiB274
Words Of Spiritual Benefit V4 - Arabic2.8 MiB271